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   For over  two decades, Dr. Ann Chianchitlert has been  treating and monitoring kids from toddlers to teenagers.  Her care is from encouraging good  daily cleaning to assisting normal growth of the jaws. One noticeable thing that always interested her is "Spacing in kid's teeth might be normal.

But crowding is a sign of under developed jaws.

By Stimulating your child jaws growth with plates at an early age might provide your child a nicer facial looks and preventing braces in the later age.

At the age of 9, your kid’ jaws-sized is 90% as it will be. Early diagnosis and treatments can help lessen the difficulties in braces stage or even eliminate the need of realigning when they are grown-ups.

Dr. Ann Chianchitlert 's  case


Dr. Ann Chianchitlert 's Quote (Pedodontist) "The best time to correct front teeth crowding is around 6 years old"

Dr. Ann Chianchitlert 's  case

   It is nearly impossible to straighten out the teeth in a patient whose jaw size and shape are not at good proportioned or misaligned. By changing the size and the shape of the jaws using orthopedic methods, orthodontists are able to give their patients a greater ability and expanded range to move the teeth to the desired location.

   Early treatment can actually enhance normal jaw growth for children aged 7-15years old . using dento-facial orthopedic techniques, dentist  create extra room for crowded teeth. This can often make the difference between having to extract permanent teeth and being able to retain those permanent teeth.

these are all clear reasons why it is better to begin orthodontic treatment at a young age rather than waiting until later in life.

    patients who come to an orthodontics office thinking they’ll just be getting braces may be very surprised to find out that they need to be treated for jaw alignment problems instead.

Looking at the fact that early treatment with a dento-facial orthopedist can improve jaw alignment and potentially help avoid permanent tooth extractions, it is no wonder that so many parents now are bringing their children to the orthodontist’s office at a young age.

Dr. Ann Chianchitlert 's  case

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